Dissertation and Thesis Editing

We offer editing services for graduate and undergraduate papers, including citation styles.

  • For graduate students’ dissertations, theses, and papers, confirm compliance with appropriate style guides, and check citations against bibliographies. We work with graduate students short-term and long-term for theses or dissertations as they are written over a period of weeks or months.
  • Edit for written English, word choices, flow, and structure.

What a Dissertation and Thesis Editor Can Do:

♦ Make suggestions for better word choices very sparingly
♦ Edit sentences for proper flow
♦ Correct spelling or misused words
♦ Check paper conforms to appropriate style guide
♦ Check that proper written English is used
♦ Create a reference list for an ongoing dissertation or thesis
♦ Correct formatting of in-text citations
♦ Correct formatting of bibliography
♦ Compare in-text citations to the bibliography and vice versa

What a Dissertation and Thesis Editor Cannot Do:

♦ Write your paper
♦ Write sentences or paragraphs
♦ Write any original ideas
♦ Completely format paper to style guide
♦ Edit for content