Why Hire an Editor?

An editor helps make writing sharper, more efficient, and more eloquent, so that your content truly reflects your business mission or academic interests.

Save Time

Perhaps you’re a busy entrepreneur or a mid-career professional pursuing a graduate degree with NO time to check for consistency and appropriate formatting on an important document. Or perhaps you are a high school senior navigating the college admissions process. An editor has an objective eye to assist all types of professional and student writers with their application materials, theses, proposals, websites, blogs, newsletters, and more.

Eliminate Errors

An objective eye can catch errors, omissions, and inconsistencies, and can proofread for formatting, grammar, and punctuation. Are your business goals reflected in your marketing materials, including your website? Does your dissertation present your research in the proper style format? An editor can enhance the professionalism and rigor of your most important writing.

Ensure Proper Use of English

Written and spoken English are different, and an editor can help make sure your document reflects this.

For graduate students, an editor can confirm compliance with your department’s specific style guide.

An editor can cross-check the bibliography or reference list and in-text citations.

Check for Consistent Facts and Meaning

Sometimes important facts are missing for the reader. When students or professionals have gone over their text time and time again, it can be difficult to determine if the text still retains the meaning they wish to convey. Are your business goals reflected in your  promotional materials? Have you developed a coherent narrative from your literature review to your discussion section? An editor can help.